25 years of innovating mRNA and we’ve done it again.

CleanCap® M6 – the newest cap analog in the portfolio

The #1 capping strategy for mRNA translation CleanCap M6 analog increases protein expression by 30%+

From the first CleanCap analog launched in 2017, TriLink has been continuing to improve on its revolutionary capping technology. With the introduction of the CleanCap M6 technology, we have combined the modification of 3’OMe on the m7-Guanosine and the additional methyl modification on the +1 Adenosine, to help improve mRNA potency with the highest protein expression of any CleanCap analog yet.

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CleanCap M6 outperforms previous analogs 

In internal comparison studies, our newest cap analog- CleanCap M6 - promoted higher protein translation (FLuc) than observed with other CleanCap analogs, driving an increase in the potency of your mRNA drug substance. 

More potent mRNA than enzymatically capped constructs

When compared to enzymatic capping strategies, the CleanCap M6 analog demonstrated significantly higher protein translation (FLuc), resulting in higher manufacturing yields.

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TriLink has revolutionized mRNA capping strategies with its one-pot CleanCap capping solutions generating the optimal Cap1 structure with more than 95% efficiency.

This co-transcriptional capping process:

Shortens therapeutic mRNA manufacturing process time per batch by nearly a week compared to enzymatic capping.

Has demonstrated a reduction in overall manufacturing costs 20-40% lower than other capping methods.

Allows you to accelerate product development deadlines and cost-saving targets.

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