Optimized IVT process for better mRNA production

CleanScript® method used in TriLink’s in-house mRNA manufacturing

The first critical step in mRNA manufacturing is in vitro transcription (IVT), where the mRNA molecule is synthesized. Traditional IVT methods have limitations: they require optimization for consistent yields, scalability, quality control, and minimizing dsRNA byproducts. To address these challenges in mRNA manufacturing, TriLink BioTechnologies developed its proprietary CleanScript® IVT method, a highly scalable process optimized to maximize yield and quality, enhance mRNA activity, and reduce dsRNA production.

Topics covered in this tech note include:

Challenges and limitations of the traditional IVT method

Impacts of capping technology on mRNA recovery yields

Developing a better IVT reaction: the CleanScript IVT method

Benefits of CleanScript IVT method for mRNA drug developers

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